Business Consultancy

The art of growth through our sister company iFokus

Creative Solutions for Developing Small Businesses

iFokus is Stavanger’s leading Business Consultancy for small to medium-sized businesses. We help companies achieve exponential growth through a combination of strategic marketing initiatives to increase customer sales, and operational performance solutions to reduce costs. We offer both marketing and business consultancy together with in-house graphic design, ensuring that we can offer a unique cost effective solution and strategy to achieve your company goals and develop your brand. Our flexible payment policy ensures that we can offer a performance based payment solution which is aligned with your budget. Established in 2016, iFokus works with small businesses that are looking for high growth, increased sales performance and improved brand visibility.

Creative Marketing Solutions, Guaranteed to Grow Your Business

In recent years, research undertaken in the correlation between marketing and the success of a business has found that small businesses who focus on marketing saw growth up to five times compared to those who ignored it. Similarly, within businesses that failed within the first two years, a lack of understanding of the market and customers was found to be the root cause in a majority of cases. Which group would you rather be part of? We can offer the following:

  • Market Research

  • Marketing Strategy

  • Marketing Communications

  • Digital Marketing

  • Marketing Plan

Transform your business with us....

The goal of any business is to generate wealth for its owners. In the case of small businesses this is usually for the people who depend on its success to generate income. There are two ways that any business can increase wealth; through increased revenue or decreasing costs. Luckily, at iFokus we are experienced at working with small businesses to improve both parts to fully transform your business.

  • Streamlined Business Design
  • Financial Transformation
  • Operational Excellence